Oh My Yoda

Megan, 23, Florida born, New York living, UCF alum. Wishing I was born with style. (Books, Star Wars, Whiskey, Vinyl, Tattoos, Baseball.)

Craziest shit ever. He stage dove into the crowd, stood on people’s hands while he rapped, and then stage dove back to the stage. All like, on top of me. Such a freaking good show. @hopsinson #rap #concert #show #hopsin (at Orpheum)

I love Tim Armstrong and his friends.

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Tim #Timebomb. #rancid#concert#jannuslive (at Jannus Live)

Going to see Kendrick Lamar… My Tuesday is better than yours.

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Seeing Jukebox the Ghost at the Social. Awwwyeahhhhh!

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